Salt Therapy at Home for Everyone

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Salt Therapy - Portable

The revolutionary HaloPocketis the smallest Halogenerator in the world.  New Halogenerator Miniaturization Technologies (HMT ™) were developed in both engineering and manufacturing to minimize the size while still maintaining the efficacy of the Halotherapy treatment. This is our most popular product for Individuals.

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Salt Therapy & Red Light Therapy

The Halo Red Light™ combines a high quality Red Light panels with our HaloPocket™ to offer great health benefits for your skin and lungs. This product line (comes in 3 sizes) uses patented technology to synergize two different modalities into one package.

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Introducing the HaloMini™ - Your Ultimate Halotherapy Companion! Elevate your Halotherapy experience with this innovative device, designed to bring wellness, relaxation, and convenience right to your doorstep. Transform an existing room, space or cabin into a sanctuary of health and well-being with the HaloMini.

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Wellness at home

Salt Therapy & Infrared Sauna

With thoughtful design, driven to support an elevated wellness experience, the HaloSauna™, is a custom-built sauna with an integrated Halogenerator to maximize the efficacy of both modalities. This is the first-ever joint product development between the Infrared industry and the Halotherapy industry to maximize the effects of both modalities. This product is available in 4 different sizes.

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  • Halotherapy Solutions was started 8 years ago and is the largest provider of Halotherapy/dry salt therapy equipment in the world.
    The business has been booming the last 2-3 years, as COVID-19 has made more people aware of the importance of respiratory health, hygiene and immunity.

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