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Halotherapy Solutions

Halo Red Light™ - Pro

Halo Red Light™ - Pro

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The Halo Red Light™ product line was designed around a patent pending technology that combines red light therapy and halotherapy in a single session. Our Halo Red Light product lines bring this Scientific Wellness system into the comfort and privacy of your own home.

This product provides true therapy layering, allowing you to get the benefits of two popular modalities that work synergistically together. The salt particles in the air amplify the Red Lights energy, allowing you to absorb more of it into your skin. Both Salt and Red Light have positive effects on your skin, so you can look and feel better after every session. 

This product comes with a HaloPocket and Red Light panel. A 6 month supply of pharmaceutical salt is included with this product. There is a 2-year warranty for normal wear and tear on this product. 

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Red Light Dimensions

35.8*11.8*2.76" Inch   



LED Quantity


Irradiance at 6 Inches


Fluence (Joules/cm2/minute)


Product Weight

7.5 lbs     

Lens Beam Angle

60 Degrees     

Power Consumption


Best Used For

Full Body Treatment  


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